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Monday, 8 April 2013

My Heart- An Object of Comedy

Broken Heart
I saw you, walking on road today,
But you turned around and looked the other way,
I wondered, what went wrong?
We were so good all along.

You were the best part of my life
Why did you had to leave?
How could you suddenly stop loving me,
And forget all our dreams?

I remember- having stood beside you,
Even when I disagreed,
When the world was against you,
You still had me.

I wanted to be the lover you needed,
A friend you could count on till the very end,
I promised to be there besides you,
Together we stand.

But you left me alone,
To drown in the tears I cry,
You said I wasn't meant for you,
No matter how hard I try.

I don’t know what I’ve done?
To make you turn on me.
Even if I was wrong once,
Why didn’t you stand beside me?

How could you forget all we’ve shared?
How could you say that you don't care?
I’m really scared, I cant stop crying,
I don’t know what to do? how to let go of you?

I believed I couldn't live without you,
That you are the air I need,
I blinded myself from what's true,
But, you made my heart bleed.

Sitting alone, looking through the window pane,
As I watch the rain,
I laughed silently, no one could hear,
I said softly, "Those are my tears"

Wiping those tears,
I wondered, why me?
Why did my heart,
Became the object of comedy?
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